How to Properly Check and Add Coolant to Your BMW

check-coolantWhen you’re going to check the coolant or antifreeze in your BMW, it may seem like a simple thing. Many people don’t even know where to find their radiator, much less the overflow compartment for their coolant or antifreeze.

Here are a few steps to take to ensure that you not only check these fluids and add coolant properly, but that you also do it safely.

Step #1: Park on a flat surface.

Make sure the vehicle is on a flat surface. If you’re on a hill, it can affect the coolant level and while you may see the coolant level below the fill line, and if you add fluid, it could actually lead to overflow.

Step #2: Let the car cool down completely.

Even though you’re mostly going to focus on the overflow for where to add or check the levels of your coolant, you also want to check the radiator itself. If your radiator has a cap, make sure you allow the vehicle to cool down completely before even touching it, let alone loosening.

The heat inside the radiator can create an incredible amount of pressure and the moment you turn the cap, it could explode and spray scalding hot fluid all over the place.

Step #3: Make sure you add coolant that is properly mixed.

Today you can find coolant that is already premixed, usually 50/50 coolant to water ratio, but if you purchase undiluted or unmixed coolant, you’ll want to be sure to add water to that 50/50 ratio.

If you are still uncertain about how to either check the coolant level in your BMW or add more, bring it to an authorized BMW service center. It will only take a few minutes for an experienced technician to check the levels and even top them off, if it’s needed.


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