Properly Checking Your Taillights Doesn’t Have to Be a Two-Person Job

7 series 2It’s a good idea to get into the habit of checking the taillights on your BMW or other vehicles. When your headlights go out, you probably notice. When you’re driving down the road late at night and you really don’t have the kind of visibility you’re used to, you know something’s amiss.

You get out when you safely pull over or return home, leave the lights on for a moment, and check them. You notice one of those lights out.

How do you know if the taillights, brake lights, or even reverse lights are working? You may not have any clue. A dashboard warning light may not illuminate to let you know a light has burned out. The more advanced BMWs have certain features that can indicate a light is out somewhere, but it may not tell you which one or where.

If you want to properly check your taillights, you don’t actually have to rely on somebody else to help you. Some people live alone, don’t have a lot of friends in the area to help, and therefore they don’t have a clue how to do this. Here’s a simple strategy that can help.

Back up against a light colored wall.

At night, back up your BMW to a light colored wall. This could be a white painted garage door or some other surface. Apply the brakes and pay attention, as you are turned to face the back of your vehicle, pay attention to the illumination or reflection of those lights against the wall.

Release the brake and pay attention again to the reflection on the wall. Do this for your reverse lights, careful not to remove your foot from the brake, otherwise you’re going through that wall. You can do this for your turn signals as well.

If you can’t be certain whether all taillights are working properly, bring it into an authorized BMW service center and have one of their experienced technicians take a quick look with you. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


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