How to Properly Clean Your BMW’s Windows for Incredible Clarity

Detailing Tips for the Enthusiastic BMW OwnerThere are so many things that go into staying safe on the roads that you probably overlook a few of them. One of them might be the headlights on your BMW.

If you have an older vehicle, you might not notice the clarity of the glass on your headlights has begun to fade. There could be some corrosion, film buildup, or other problems that reduce visibility, even if only slightly.

When you’re driving you might not notice it at all. However, if it continues down that path, you might begin wondering what’s wrong with your eyesight. Why can’t you see as well down the road as you used to?

Well, it might be the headlights, lenses, or even the windows of your BMW.

Washing your windows every so often is fine, but are you doing it properly? If you’re not using the right cleaning materials, including the cloth, it could leave streaks. Especially during winter, those streaks can make it difficult to see out the window, especially at night.

The best way to properly clean your BMW windows is by using a high quality window cleaning solution that has ammonia in it. It doesn’t matter the product, as long as it is considered high quality. Streak free is helpful, but not absolutely necessary.

Start with newspaper.

Instead of using a paper towel or other cloth, use newspaper to clean the windows. This leaves a streak free shine and also helps to remove almost every bit of dust, dirt, and other debris from the glass.

Make sure you use a different sheet of newspaper for every single window, otherwise the newspaper starts to fall apart, leaving behind a trail of pieces.

If you have access to a glass cleaning wax product too, this could be helpful too. You’ll notice your windows look like they do for cars on movie sets or TV shows. Reflective on the outside and completely clear from the inside.

When you have clear, clean windows in your BMW, you’ll be safer while traveling out on the roads.

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