How to Properly Prepare Your Beemer for Winter in January

handling strategies in winterThere are certain things you should do before winter hits to get your Beemer ready for the cold months ahead.

Change the tires.

Get snow tires. All weather or all season tires may seem fine, but nothing beats the traction you gain from snow tires. Not only will this help with acceleration, it can also reduce stopping distances in poor weather conditions.

Get your car inspected.

Bring your BMW to an authorized BMW service center to have it properly inspected. An experienced technician will look over the entire vehicle, from the brakes to all the fluids, and more. They will check to make sure everything is in good working condition and advise you of any issues you might want to address now.

Change the oil and coolant.

Changing the oil to a different weight is a good idea. A lighter weight oil will be better for the engine on cold starts.

It’s also a good idea to have the radiator flushed and antifreeze added fresh. Even though you might have had this done in the spring, you’ve gone through an incredibly hot summer and some tough driving conditions. It’s a good idea to have your radiator flushed and the coolant/antifreeze replaced before and after each winter season.

When you do these things, your BMW will be ready for whatever Old Man Winter throws your way.


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