Pros and Cons of Owning a BMW Mini Cooper

Mini CooperThe BMW Mini Cooper enjoys popularity for a multitude of reasons. Two of the biggest are that it is extremely fun to drive and is relatively low priced. There are still waiting lists in some countries to purchase one. Let’s go over the pros and cons of owning this vehicle.

The Mini Cooper uses run flat tires. These tires run even after experiencing a puncture. They will perform for another fifty miles after the damage as been done, giving you ample time to get to a shop and have the tire replaced. Some people do not like the way these tires perform but the main drawback is that they are expensive.

This wouldn’t be a problem except the car is so much fun to drive. The average Mini driver can’t help but whip around corners and accelerate quickly. The car can handle it, but it does a number on the tires. You can expect to replace your tires at 20,000 to 25,000 miles. The cost? It can end up running you about $1,000 depending on the prices where you live.

The car is small, as the name suggests but it actually has a surprisingly large amount of cargo space once you drop the back seats down. Packing the car with groceries or boxes is no problem. That being said, the Mini is not the car of choice when it comes to hauling stuff around. If you need to do so fairly regularly, this is not the car for you.

Since BMW released the Mini Cooper on a limited dealership basis there is usually only one dealer in an area to service your car. This can be a problem if there are no other certified BMW mechanics in your area.

The Mini has been noted to have issues with the timing belt. At Bimmex, we are aware of the typical issues the Cooper has and are equipped with the knowledge to deal with them quickly, effectively, and affordably. Mini owners love their cars even while admitting they are not perfect. Bimmex will help you keep your Mini in tiptop shape so it’s as perfect as it can

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