Protect Your BMW from Moisture in the Fuel Tank

water-under-bmwYou may not think about moisture in the fuel tank very much, especially for a BMW, but, it’s a problem that any car, including high-end model BMWs may have to deal with at some point in time. When moisture builds up in the fuel tank, it can cause rough starts, poor fuel efficiency, and reduced performance.

How does moisture get in the fuel tank?

There are couple of different ways this can happen. Sometimes the fuel cap is left off accidentally. If it rains or there’s a high amount of humidity and moisture in the air, this can filter down into the fuel tank.

The more common way that moisture builds up in the fuel tank is from allowing the tank to get down to low before filling up. If you allow the fuel gauge go down below one quarter of a tank, it increases the risk of moisture building up in the tank itself, especially during the colder weather.

If you want to protect your BMW from moisture in the fuel tank, you can get what is commonly referred to as dry gas. Add this to your fuel tank, either when you’re filling up or after you fill the tank completely. It will help to draw the moisture out of the tank, thus protecting your engine and improving fuel efficiency.

You should also get in the habit of filling up the tank after it goes just below half a tank. If you have any questions or other concerns about your BMW due to poor performance or want to know if moisture has really built up in the fuel tank or some other problem is caused by another issue, bring your BMW to an authorized service center. They can diagnose and analyze the situation and help get your BMW back to peak performance levels.


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