Replace the Coolant in Your BMW Now

check-coolantNow that the winter driving season has basically moved behind us, it’s time to get your BMW ready for the spring and summer months ahead. That means changing the oil, possibly replacing the wiper blades, and replacing the antifreeze or coolant.

During the winter, antifreeze helps to protect your engine’s sensitive components from damage that can be caused by extremely cold temperatures. It helps to keep water from freezing inside the engine. When water or anything freezes, it expands and if that were to happen inside your engine’s components, it can cause cracking, breaking of seals, and a lot of other damage.

If you haven’t had the antifreeze or coolant in your BMW flushed and replaced in a long time, or you have no recollection of having that done during the past year, it’s now time to bring it to Bimmex to have one of the experienced auto service technicians take care of that for you.

For the most part, antifreeze and coolant are very similar. The coolant is going to be instrumental in helping to keep your engine protected during the summer months ahead. The warmer it is outside, the more the engine components will heat up. If there is not adequate coolant, the engine can overheat, leaving you stranded and causing a significant amount of damage to your engine’s sensitive components.

Even though the antifreeze/coolant level in your vehicle hasn’t changed in the past year (because you’ve been checking), that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be replaced. This fluid can wear down and break down over time, becoming much less effective at protecting your engine’s sensitive components.

The only way to truly replace the fluid is to completely drain the old fluid, making sure not to spill any on the driveway or into the ground, which can cause a serious environmental disaster, and then flush the system with a hose. Then, seal the plug and add new coolant and antifreeze at a 50/50 ratio of coolant and water.

It’s best to not attempt to do this on your own, especially if you have no experience and you don’t have the right equipment. Instead, bring it to Bimmex and rest assured knowing your BMW’s engine is protected.


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