Resetting that BMW Service Indicator Light

IDRIVE VEH CHECKIf you enjoy working on your own BMW, changing the oil and doing other fundamental maintenance work on it, then you’ll find it necessary to reset the service engine light once in a while. If your BMW is due for the Inspection I or Inspection II service, then you should certainly bring it to a qualified repair shop to have it checked out thoroughly.

Resetting the service indicator light on most BMWs is a relatively simple procedure (especially compared to some other manufacturers). Follow these instructions and you’ll reset the service indicator light and be more aware of any potential problems the car’s computer may pick up on in the future.

1. Get in behind the wheel of your BMW.

2. Locate the button that controls the odometer. This will be the button that you depress to change from total kilometers on the vehicle for Trip A and B functions. Once you locate it, press and hold it down.

3. While holding down the odometer button, slide the key into the ignition and turn it once to the ‘accessory position.’ This should allow certain accessories, such as the radio, to operate.

After a few seconds (about 5), the word ‘Reset’ will appear on the odometer display. Release the button and then depress it once again.

4. Once you release the odometer button again, five green indicator lights will display, which will indicate that the system has been reset.

This process does not reset any of the internal computer’s recordings, such as faults and other issues. It will only reset the service indicator light and will illuminate again either when it’s time for the Inspection I or II service, or when your BMW should have its oil changed, or other maintenance service.

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