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On Friday, May 17 -- as I was preparing for a trip up north over the weekend, I was alarmed by the "Flat Tire" red alert on my BMW 5. I called David at BIMMEX Markham immediately and in spite of the full-booking at the Woodbine garage, he asked me to bring the car in. He did a visual check on the tires and checked the tire pressure of each tire and inflated a tire that has lost pressure. He then dumped soapy water onto the re-inflated tire to check for bubbles / leak -- we did not see any. He advised that my tires were OK. I then reset the FTM and we did not experience any problem with tires over the long weekend. Please pass on my thanks to David for his priority help. I look forward to many more years of great services from Bimmex!


I have a BMW Z4 and my brake pad sensor light came on... right then and there all I could hear in my head was cha-ching sounds and knew if I took it to BMW I would be looking at spending huge $$$ the sensor light only says brake pads but I was pretty sure BMW would tell me I would need my rotors changed as well and cost me over 2k...which for some strange reason that seems to be the magical number when I go to BMW I was talking with a friend and she suggested that I check the BMW forums on line as someone would have to know a good place to take your BMW. When I was checking the forums...Bimmex Woodbridge has a good rep behind it for being professional and priced very well Sooo...on the advice of other BMW owners I called on the Friday and had an appointment on the Monday Morning...It only took them just over an hour...all of my pads needed to be replaced front & rear but they said my Rotors where fine!...Big up for them in my books right there...Taxes everything in was less then $400... I have quite a few friends that drive BMWs and I have already called them and gave them the number I also checked on the prices of the Big Service packages that for Z4s cost a mint...they are over 50% less then what I was quoted at BMW I will be having all my maintenance and service's done at this location from now on Thanks Martin for answering all my questions!


I have a BMW X5 2011 and the car was due for service at BMW dealership upon inspection i was told i needed this and that along with brake job. the brake job was 900+200+hst as per the quote. The rest of the maintenance was included in my no-charge warranty maintenance. My front windshield also cracked few days ago and they quoted me 900+hst so the total was around 2000+hst from the BMW dealership. A friend of mine told me about bimmex and i took my car there. surprisingly the complete job brakes+windhield was 750+hst Now that's fair price. i would recommend bimmex to everyone i know of who are getting ripped from dealerships. we pay high price for the cars and we keep on paying high maintenance to enjoy them. I think lots of businesses need to learn from bimmex and their exception customer support.Owning a BMW does not mean we are super rich and its always a good feeling to be serviced from people who understand what customer service is all about. Great work Bimmex.


Great service. I've been there a few times now and they are always courteous.


Alex, Doru, Leo and Alberto have always been great. Great service and excellent workmanship. Bimmex its not only cost-effective in comparison to the dealerships, they treat me as their only customer! I can handle not having a waiting room with leather chairs. Having said that, the coffee and refreshments at Bimmex are right there just in case you have to wait for your car.


Got some mechanical work for my car done here. Service is great, prices were way cheaper than what I would have paid at the dealer, they also gave me tips on which items were mandatory to fix right away and which ones I can put off for awhile. Definitely would recommend this place and would go back. By the way, they changed the name of this place to Bimmex.

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