Rotating the Tires Helps them Last Longer and Improves Traction for Your BMW

Rotating the Tires Helps them Last Longer and Improves Traction for Your BMWIt’s a good idea to rotate your tires every 30,000 kilometers, at least. It’s also a good idea to rotate the tires at the end of winter or heading into the winter season. There are several reasons why it is recommended to do this, whether you have a BMW or some other high performance automobile.

There are numerous auto service center throughout Toronto that can rotate your tires for you, but some of them will charge an astronomical fee to do so. Rotating tires doesn’t take all that much time, but it does require the vehicle to be off the ground. For those do-it-yourself BMW owners, there are several options when it comes to rotating the tires.

You could rotate the tires front to back on the same side. For example, take the passenger front tire and exchange it with the passenger rear tire. This helps to reduce wear and tear on one particular set of tires as opposed to the other. For example, a rear wheel drive vehicle will often experience more wear and tear on those rear tires than the front ones. Rotating the tires every 30,000 kilometers will help to even out the wear on them.

Rotating diagonally can be beneficial in some situations. However, for high performance vehicles, like BMWs, some tires may be one directional. In other words, it would not be feasible to rotate the front passenger tire to the rear driver side of the vehicle for a one directional tire.

Check the tires to make sure they are not one directional if you plan on rotating them in this direction. Doing this type of rotation can help balance out wear and tear, especially on vehicles that have certain caster in camber settings that angle the front or rear tires for power and handling.

It’s best to bring your BMW into an authorized BMW service center to have the tires rotated professionally. Bimmex is a company that can help you do this and save money over many other facilities.

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