Sensing Low Engine Performance in Your BMW: It’s Time for a Tune-Up

inspectionIt doesn’t matter how old or young your BMW is, at times you may feel that the performance level drops. It could be a subtle indication: trying to accelerate up a hill in congested traffic, cruising down a winding road heading to your vacation destination, or just inching along through rush hour traffic.

Low engine performance could be caused by any number of factors. It doesn’t mean that something is wrong with your BMW, but you should certainly bring it to an authorized BMW repair facilitytu for a tune up.

Low engine performance could be the result of the wrong type of fuel that you’re filling your car with. If your BMW requires 93 octane and you’re adding 87 or even 89 octane, it will affect performance. The same goes for adding 93 when it only calls for 87.

Clogged fuel injectors from dirty fuel can also cause problems and this isn’t reserved for just older model BMWs. Even relatively new BMW fuel injectors can become clogged, depending on the detergents or other additives that are in the fuel you use.

Problems with the exhaust system could also slow performance. A faulty catalytic converter, or some type of clog or bend in the exhaust pipe could make it more difficult for your BMW to expel the exhaust fumes, which could back up into the system causing poor performance.

In most cases, the check engine indicator light would most likely illuminate when something is causing poor performance, but that is not always the case.

If you have a strong suspicion that your BMW isn’t accelerating like it should, seems to be running rough, is having trouble maintaining consistent idle, or you smell fumes when you shouldn’t, call an authorized, experience BMW service repair technician to check it out.

You are driving an incredible machine; it should be cruising at peak performance levels.

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