Signs of a Dying Battery in Your BMW

batteryDuring winter, you need more cold cranking amps in your BMW’s battery. If you have a regular battery, one that you might have purchased when you were tight on funds, and it may not have as many cold cranking amps, you could have a difficult time starting up your BMW or other vehicle, especially on colder mornings.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the battery is dying, but as it takes more amperage to crank the flywheel and engine, it’s going to wear on it more quickly. Here are some signs of a dying battery.

Sign #1: Slower starts.

If you try to turn the engine on and it takes longer to finally catch and get revved up, that could have to do with the temperature outside, but it can also have something to do with the starter motor or battery.

Even though your battery may have adequate cold cranking amps, if it’s not holding as much of a charge due to his age, it might take a little bit longer to get the engine turning properly.

Sign #2: Tougher starts.

You turn the key in the ignition or press the button, depending on your BMW, and it feels as though the engine just doesn’t want to turn. After a few moments, perhaps a second or two, it might suddenly lurch and seem to want to catch.

If the battery is dying, it will be at this point when you will probably begin to experience the audible click that comes from a dead battery trying to turn the starter motor.

Sign #3: Indicator lights.

If you turn the engine on or at least turn the key to the on position, if the dashboard lights don’t illuminate or seem dimmer, it could be a sign that the battery is starting to fail.

In most cases, if this happens, you won’t be able to start your BMW.

Sometimes, a dead battery could be due to headlights being left on, an interior light being left on, a short in the system, or some other issue. A jumpstart and letting the engine run for an hour or more, with your drive to work or so, can help charge the battery backup. However, if the battery is dying, you’ll have to jumpstart it more than just once.


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