A Simple Distracted Driving Test That May Just Save Your Life

Most people are simply unaware of just how dangerous they are behind the wheel.

There are plenty of things to distract us. Cell phones, texting, and even making calls are just some of the most commonly thought of things today. When a person looks down at a text coming in while driving on the highway, cruising at more than 110 km/h, if they only look away for two seconds, they have traveled over 100 m.

What can happen in that distance?

Traffic can come to a complete stop in front of you. An individual could be running across the highway, expecting you to slow down. An animal could dart out in front of you.

It’s not just texting that is the issue.

People do all sorts of ridiculous things while driving. Some read the newspaper. Some tried to shave. Some put on makeup or do their hair. It may sound absurd to most people, but these are things people have been spotted doing constantly, day after day, all across the country.

Ask yourself this: in the past week have you eaten fast food, had coffee, changed the radio station, punched in an address on your GPS, checked a text message or the news on your phone, or even made a phone call while driving? If so, if you’ve ever been involved in an accident or believe you aren’t distracted when you do these things, you are.

The goal is to make sure everyone is as safe as possible behind the wheel. Remember, it’s not just you whose life is at stake; it’s your passengers and everyone else out on the roads or walking near roads today.

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