Simple Tips to Get Your BMW Looking It’s Best for the Warmer Weather Coming

Yes, warmer weather is coming. It’s exciting, isn’t it? You may have been trudging through winter and barely surviving, but you did it. Now, you’re about to get the opportunity to truly enjoy your BMW during this warm-up season.

What you want to do, though, is make sure it is operating efficiently, but also looking it’s best. Here are a few tips that can help you get your BMW looking it’s best for the upcoming spring and summer driving season.

Do the work yourself.

Sure, you can bring your BMW to a car wash center and have it done for you, but you may miss an opportunity to keep on top of the cleanliness and overall great condition of your vehicle. When people take care of their possessions directly, they have a tendency to protect them more fervently.

Wash and wax it.

Get a decent car wash, give it a nice, thorough washing down, and then apply a good wax finish. You want to use terrycloth towels that are nonabrasive to apply the wax and then, once it has dried properly, remove it.

Again, you can have a professional service do this, but when you wax your own vehicle, you will notice some things, possibly a few scratches, and something else you may be able to address now before rust begins to set in.

Protect the vinyl, if you have a convertible.

Depending on what the convertible is made from, vinyl, plastic, or some other material, make sure you protect it against the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

Detail the interior.

Spend some time vacuuming out the interior of your BMW, use a soft bristled brand new toothbrush to get all of the dirt and dust out of every crack and crevice, and use a protectant, like Armor All, to keep the dashboard and all the components inside looking their best.

It’s also a good idea to have a sunscreen that you can place in the windshield of your BMW when you do have to park it outside, unprotected.


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