Slick Autumn Roads and How to Stay Safe this Late Fall

autumnThe late fall season is a great time to drive your BMW. You may enjoy the summer because there are so many other destinations, such as the beach, lake, hiking, and more. Autumn is great because of the fall foliage, the cooler air, and this can inspire people to head out to those fun, windy roads.

Yet autumn certainly poses some challenges to road safety that many people easily overlook. The most significant has to do with the leaves coming down from the trees.

When the leaves collect on the pavement and it rains, it can create an almost ice-like scenario. You could be driving down a back road, winding this way and that, hit a patch of leaves that are wet and completely lose traction.

Even the best traction tires aren’t going to do anything to improve your safety, but these tips will:

Slow down. You may have heard this so many times that you roll your eyes at it, but just because you have a BMW and it’s considered one of the safest automobiles on the road, that doesn’t mean you can drive as fast as you want. The windier the road is, the darker it is, and the more leaves that have come down, the slower you should drive.

Pay attention to curves. If you’re driving in the evening or nighttime hours, and if you see a curve in the road coming ahead, ease off the gas pedal and slow down.

Understand how slick wet live leaves can be. If you see a patch of wet leaves in your driveway, run toward it and then try to stop on top of it. You’ll notice you slide. That’s what your car will do, too.

Many people ignore certain safety risks until they have direct experience with them. By taking some time and seeing exactly how slick patches of wet leaves can be, you will likely begin to slow down, just like you would if there was a high risk of black ice.


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