It’s Spring, and Time to Replace Those Wiper Blades

bmw-wiper-bladesYou probably feel as though you just had the wiper blades on your BMW replaced, so why bother doing it again? First, many people overestimate how recently they may have replaced the wiper blades on their vehicles. You may have had them replaced or done it yourself during the start of the winter season, and it may not feel all that long ago.

However, the cold air, snow, and ice can have a detrimental effect on the rubber of those wiper blades.

Even if you replaced the wiper blades in February or the beginning of March, for example, springtime is a good opportunity to have them replaced once again. It’s a minor investment in helping to protect your vehicle and ability to see as clearly as possible.

As noted, when the temperature outside is below freezing, it’s helping to break down the elasticity of the rubber on the blades themselves. It can also cause them to dry out. When that happens, you may notice streaking, hear an annoying sound every time the wiper blades are turned on, and your visibility may very well be compromised.

Depending on the type of wiper blades you choose, you could end up finding some for less than $10 per blade or for more than $20 per blade. The one you choose is up to you, but the more you invest in good wiper blades, the better it’ll be at helping to keep your windshield clean, providing you better visibility during daytime and night.

If you’re not sure when you had the wiper blades last replaced, even if they seem to be doing a decent job, it’s a good idea to switch them out now for the springtime driving season ahead. Then, when summer rolls around, it’s a good opportunity to once again replace them for the heat and sunny days ahead.

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