Springtime Maintenance for Your BMW

oil-changeIf this is the first BMW you’ve ever owned, it can feel great. It is a powerful machine that seems to wrap itself around you in comfort, safety, and all the benefits of a fine, precision automobile.

However, unlike other vehicles, it’s important to focus on the maintenance and general upkeep to not only ensure your BMW runs at optimal levels, but that you also save money over time. Research has indicated that the more general maintenance a vehicle receives, especially a finer automobile like BMWs, the less the owner will have to spend on repairs in the future.

Spring is an interesting time of the year, especially for BMW owners. The weather gets nicer and you just want to get behind the wheel and enjoy the power of cruising down the road with the windows open or, if you have a convertible top, with that top down.

It’s still critical that you focus on maintenance, especially after a long, harsh winter. Here are some maintenance issues to bring to your attention.

Oil changes.

Now is the time to get the oil changed in your BMW. Even if you had the oil changed in February or even early March, for example, it’s time to have it done again. As the weather gets warmer, a different weight of oil will help to protect your vehicle’s engine more effectively.

Changing the coolant.

During the winter, it’s all about the antifreeze helping to protect sensitive engine components. Now that winter is over, it’s time to shift focus to coolant. Even though the two are basically the same, it’s a good idea to have your radiator system flushed in the spring and fall.

Replace wiper blades.

Again, similar to oil changes, even if you recently replaced the wiper blades, do it again. Snow, ice, and other conditions, including extremely cold temperatures, can affect the rubber of those wiper blades. Starting out fresh means you’ll be able to see clearly when it begins raining outside.

By following some of these maintenance tips, you’ll have your BMW primed and ready for the coming summer driving season. You can bring your BMW to Bimmex, the leader in BMW auto service throughout Toronto.


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