Steps to Properly Inspect Your Vehicle’s Lights

How to Properly Inspect a Used BMW before You BuyWhen was the last time you checked to make sure all of the lights on your BMW were working properly? Most people actually don’t think much about inspecting their lights, which can include headlights, daytime driving lights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals.

It’s a good idea to get into this habit at least once a week of properly checking all of the lights on your BMW. If certain lights are not working properly, it could put you, anyone else in your vehicle, and maybe other vehicles on the road at risk of getting into an accident.

Follow the steps to properly inspect your BMW lights at least once per week.

Step 1: Find somebody to help you, if possible.

Even if you live alone, you probably have a neighbor or two with whom you are close. If you don’t, call on a friend to help out. Having somebody help you out makes the process much easier, but the rest of the steps will assume you’re doing this on your own.

Step 2: Turn on your lights.

Without turning the vehicle on, turn on your headlights. This will illuminate the headlights, daytime running lights, and taillights.

Making sure the vehicle is secure and safe, step out and walk around the vehicle. Check the headlights and taillights. Also make a visual check of any daytime running lights. If anything is out, make note of which light is not working properly.

Step 3: Use your turn signals.

Now, with the lights still on, turn on your left turn signal and walk to the front of the vehicle, check the signal indicator light there, then walk to the back of the vehicle and check that one as well. Make sure they are blinking properly.

Then, do the same for the other side of the vehicle.

Step 4: Back up against a solid wall, preferably white.

Back your vehicle up to a garage door or other wall that is of a light color. Apply the brakes and note in the mirrors the illumination pattern against the wall. You should see a bright red reflection where all of the brake lights happen to be.

Another way to do this by yourself is to set up the camera and film it while you apply the brakes. Then review the video footage to make sure all of those brake lights are working properly.

Step 5: Check the reverse indicator light.

When you put the vehicle in reverse, bright lights illuminate on the back. Make sure these are all working.

Step 6: Inspect the license plate lights.

Over the license plate there should be one or two lights to illuminate the license plate. Make sure they are working properly.

If any lights are not working properly, bring your BMW to Bimmex to have them replaced. If you don’t replace them, you could be subject to being pulled over and cited for a violation. It also reduces safety for you and others on the road.


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