The Strange Odor Coming from Your BMW when You Get Home: What It Could Be

what is that strange smellYou drive home after a long day work, basking in the comfort and power of your BMW. You pull into the driveway and stop, shifting into park and shutting off the engine. You gather your belongings, open the door, and step out. You stand there for a moment a bit perplexed. You start to sniff the air in short bursts, trying to catch a whiff of something acrid in the air. It smells like something burning so you move toward the front of your car, lean down close to the hood, and inhale a deep breath.

All you smell is the normal odor of an engine cooling off. You move back towards your driver side door and pick up the strange odor once again. You move toward the back of the vehicle and still catch a whiff of it.

This isn’t isolated to BMWs, and it can affect many different vehicles on the road today.

To some it may be an acrid odor, to others it could be mildly unpleasant. No matter how you might describe it, it may very well be the rear brakes of your car burning along the drums or rotor while you drive.

What Could Cause This?

In most cars and trucks on the road today, the rear brakes are directly connected to a cable for the emergency brake lever. Whether you have an emergency brake lever that is operated by hand or one that relies on a foot pedal, it is connected to a cable that can sometimes get stuck or not allow the rear brakes to disengage properly.

It could also be the calipers or pistons not allowing the brake pad to disengage from the drums or rotors.

If you notice a strange odor emitting from your BMW after you return home or reach your destination (wherever that may be), make an appointment with an authorized and experienced BMW repair shop in Toronto. If it happens to be your brakes, the sooner you deal with the situation the better it’s going to be for you and everyone else on the road.


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