Summer, Music, and Staying Safe Behind the Wheel of Your BMW

3 Things You Must Know about Electronic Thieves to Stay Safe in Your BMWSummer. It’s a time when people get out, enjoy the nice weather, and feel exhilarated. When you’re behind the wheel of your BMW, if you have a convertible top, you just want to lower it, let the wind flow through your hair, and crank up music you love.

Summer. It’s also a time far too many people become easily distracted when behind the wheel. It’s important to stay safe when driving, not just for yourself, but for everyone else on the road or even passengers who may be in your car with you.

The distractions that surround us.

Today, there are more distractions when we’re behind the wheel than at any other time in history. You have cell phones, stereo systems, GPS navigation equipment, air conditioning, cruise control, and the list can go on and on.

Along the roadways there are billboards all trying to grab your attention, some of them with shocking images or content, too.

If you take your eyes of the road for second, depending on how fast you’re traveling, you could be moving at 30, 40, or 50 meters further down the road. Take your eyes of the road for a couple of seconds and you can go off the road, slip out of your lane, or even drift into oncoming traffic.

Even if you avoid taking your eyes of the road, loud music, taking phone calls, even with your hands free, and other distractions are not allowing you to stay completely focused on what you’re doing. For example, people who are having conversations with friends or family members while behind the wheel have much greater difficulty recounting every turn or maneuver they had to make when behind the wheel.

Their reaction time is also lower. While you may love singing at the top of your lungs to some of your favorite music being cranked out by your BMWs state-of-the-art sound system, just be aware of the extra risk of putting yourself and others at by doing so.

At Bimmex, we want you to be safe this summer, and it’s far too easy to overlook the power of distracted driving.

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