Be Sure Your Beemer Is Properly Insured This Summer

Car insurance policyWith the summer driving season just about upon us, you may be excited to get out and cruise around. You might be planning to head to the beach, to visit with friends or family that live across the country, or to simply visit places you’ve never been. Summer is a great time to travel, but you do want to make sure your BMW is properly insured.

What does insurance matter?

You may have the required insurance from your financial lender. You have liability and collision insurance. Do you have gap insurance?

If your BMW is relatively new, the moment you drove it off the dealership lot it lost several thousand dollars in value. This is one of the unfortunate side effects of purchasing a new vehicle.

If you were involved in an accident within the next week or month, for example, that completely totaled your vehicle, you may be required to pay out-of-pocket for the difference between what your insurance company pays out on the vehicle itself and what is owed on your loan.

Why is it important to think about this during summer months?

Some people think about these things as we head into the winter because we all understand how treacherous the roads can be. During the summer, we often think about sunny skies, dry conditions, and more, but rain that falls after several weeks of no moisture or precipitation at all can actually be just as dangerous as snowy or icy conditions during the winter.

In order to make sure you’re properly protected, check with your insurance provider to determine whether or not you have adequate insurance for the summer driving season. Some people increase their rate of liability at different times. Depending on your driving habits during summer, this is something you might want to look into, and you should also think about having your BMW serviced by a reliable and authorized BMW service center.


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