What Do You Think When the Check Engine Light Goes on in Your BMW?

3 Things You Must Know about Electronic Thieves to Stay Safe in Your BMWMaybe it hasn’t happened to you yet, but it will, eventually. At some point in time the check engine light is going to go on and stay on in your car. If it’s in your BMW, that could cause a lot of questions, concerns, and other issues.

What do you think about when the check engine light comes on?

Few people actually know very much about their cars in today’s environment. Computer technology has advanced so much that many of the components in your BMW are controlled by your onboard computer system.

When the check engine light goes on, it can mean a wide range of things. Unfortunately, far too many people, when they don’t hear anything going on in the engine, don’t feel any difference in their BMW as they’re driving down the highway, will have a tendency to ignore the check engine light and hope that it goes back off.

Given enough time, it just might.

A check engine light will illuminate when the onboard computer diagnostic system detects a problem over time. It usually takes a number of error signals going into the onboard diagnostic system to cause the check engine light to go on. One minor issue may not be enough to cause it to illuminate.

What this means is that when the check engine light illuminates, a problem has been detected that can either be significant or repetitive. In either case it’s absolutely essential to bring that BMW to an authorized service center immediately.

If you wait, nothing might happen, but more often than not more damage is being caused as a result of ignoring those lights.

It’s the same as if the oil light illuminates and stays on in the dashboard. A person who ignores this because they don’t understand it or don’t want to be bothered run the risk of their engine being completely destroyed if the oil has drained out of the system.

What do you do whenever your check engine light illuminates and stays on?


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