Thinking of Buying a Used BMW?

7 series 1If you’re interested in buying a BMW you already know they are excellent vehicles. Today’s BMW’s haven’t changed much in terms of basic design and style since the Bimmers from 80′s and 90′s for good reason. Even then it was a great car to drive. BMW didn’t have to invent the wheel, but rather build on what was working before by adding new models and features, which they have done with great success.

For many people buying a used BMW is the perfect way to get a great car for a great price. Here are some things to consider when buying your used BMW:

Repairs and maintenance for a BMW are higher than for your average vehicle. They use high-end parts and performance tires which leads to higher labor and maintenance costs. You also want to use premium gasoline and synthetic oil which are more expensive. If you are planning to buy used BMW, it us wise to find a local repair shop with a good reputation that specializes in BMW. If you live in the Markham or Woodbridge area Bimmex is the place.

BMW mechanics are specially trained to work on these machines. BMW vehicles have a lot of specifics and your local garage will likely not be able to handle the repairs. Servicing at a dealership tends to be very expensive, so a local trusted BMW-specialized shop is a big plus. Many specialty shops will inspect the car you intend to buy before you purchase it to help you make sure you’re making a wise investment.

When you’re checking out a used model be sure to test all electronic parts thoroughly. This includes features like the windows, door locks, air conditioning, Bluetooth, sounds system, etc. Look for water damage and corrosion under the carpets and in the trunk. In newer cars, make sure the key seats well in the key holder. Check for small cracks in the alloy rims causing air leaks; the cracks are very small and hard to see, so be suspicious if the tires are low. Watch out for coolant or oil leaks or a burnt oil smell under the hood. During your test-drive watch for rough shifts from the transmission and clunks from the drive train.

With BMWs, mechanical condition is a lot more important than mileage or how old the car is. You want to avoid any vehicles that have previously been damaged in an accident. The best thing to do is to have the vehicle thoroughly inspected by a certified BMW mechanic. Call Bimmex when you’ve narrowed your search and we’ll get your possible new car in and let you know if there are any problems you need to be aware of before signing on the dotted line.

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