Thinking about a Standard Shift Transmission for Your Next BMW? Here Are Some Things to Keep in Mind

when your transmission needs workYou might have been driving an automatic transmission for many years. A lot of people prefer automatic transmissions, especially when they have to drive through traffic on a regular basis. Having to shift, put the clutch in, and basically be stuck in traffic and doing that for half an hour or an hour every single day, maybe even twice a day heading to and from work can certainly give you a workout.

If you’re looking at purchasing a new BMW and are considering switching back to a standard shift transmission that you might have learned on or used in your younger years, here are a few things to keep in mind.

The clutch can wear out. Yes, a clutch in an automatic transmission can wear out over time, but it is less likely to happen, at least less frequently than with a standard transmission.

If you’re out of practice or have a tendency to ride the clutch, calculate this into your general maintenance expenses and figure you’ll have to replace the clutch every 200,000 kilometer or more frequently.

Consider injuries. Depending on your age and physical activity, if you break a leg, sprain an ankle, or become injured, it can make shifting almost impossible. You want to remain safe while you’re driving around, and if you’re prone to injuries or take part in activities that increase the risk of these type of injuries, you may want to at least consider having a backup vehicle that has automatic transmission.

Power and control. Having a standard transmission offers more power and control over acceleration, and if you have ahead of lead foot or a tendency to burn rubber, this may be something that is incredibly tempting for you, but carefully consider the risk factors involved in having that much extra power at your feet.

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