Three Steps to Handle an Emergency Situation in Your BMW

handling an emergencyNo one really wants to think about being in an emergency situation with their car. This is especially true if you have a relatively new BMW. After all, you spent a fair amount of money on this car; you expect it to run as it should for as long as possible.

An emergency situation can arise for just about any reason. It doesn’t have to be a mechanical failure. It could be an oversight on your part, an incident that occurs while driving, or accidentally leaving the keys in the ignition and locking the doors (although this is much less likely with today’s technology).

Below are three steps to take that can help you handle just about any emergency situation if you are involved in one with your BMW.

1. Remain calm and evaluate the situation.

If you’re running late for work and suddenly the car begins to overheat, keep calm and safely get over to the side of the road. If you’re on the highway, find the closest emergency breakdown lane, pull in as far off from the highway traffic as you can, and turn off the engine.

Getting upset, irate, and agitated is only going to make the problem more difficult to handle.

2. Depending on where you are, you may need to contact emergency services.

If you have broken down on the side of the highway, call for a police escort. This will help protect you while you wait for other assistance to arrive. You also don’t want to expose yourself too much to any dire elements, including major snowstorms or other natural disasters.

3. Contact your local authorized BMW service center.

Depending on how old your car is, you might not have any direct experience with an authorized BMW service center, aside from the dealership one. There are several that operate throughout Toronto, including Bimmex.

Contacting one of these service centers can get the wheels moving to have somebody come out, evaluate your car, determine what the problem may be, and either get a tow or repair the problem and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

How you handle an emergency situation can directly impact how well you overcome it.

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