Tips for Tracking Maintenance and Auto Repairs for Your BMW

keep track of maintanceKeeping track of the work that you have had done on your BMW is a good idea, no matter how old the vehicle may be. If you notice, your owner’s manual will generally have a place where you can enter this information. It offers you a place to write down the date that the service was done, the mileage, and any additional notes that you may find pertinent to the work that was done.

Tracking the maintenance that you have done on your BMW is important for a variety of reasons. First, it lets you see at a quick glance any potential recurring problems. When life gets busy, it might become difficult to keep track of the various repairs or general maintenance that you’ve had done on your car (was it last year that I had the spark plugs changed? Or was it the year before?)

Here are some tips that can help you keep better details on the maintenance of your BMW.

1. Always write down the date of the maintenance. As you can tell in that quick example, the longer you own your car, the tougher it will be to keep track of the when’s about service and repairs.

2. Keep a chronological tally of the services. While you may think that keeping all brake work listed in one place, all engine related issues, all emissions, and so on is a good idea, this can complicate the situation.

Certain issues that arise (such as engine trouble) could actually be related to previous work that you had done.

3. Keep track of the details of all work done. If you have the spark plugs changed when you have the brake pads done (or you decide to have the service technician replace the air filter), write all of it down. This will make it easier to determine when and if you had something replaced.

4. Keep this list in a safe and convenient place. In your glove compartment, in the owner’s manual might be fine, but if you don’t want to keep it in your car, make sure that you know exactly where to find this list quickly when you need it in the future.

Keeping track of the maintenance on your BMW is going to make it that much easier for you to keep your ultimate driving machine in the best condition for a long, long time.

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