The Top 3 Questions BMW Owners Have Regarding Maintenance

IDRIVE VEH CHECKWhen it comes to general maintenance on any vehicle, the average driver on the roads today doesn’t have much experience. They may have a set schedule for maintenance, such as Inspection I in Inspection II for a BMW, and they may very well be aware of when they should bring their vehicle in for an oil change, but beyond that they could be completely in the dark.

For any BMW owner, whether it’s their first one or they’ve owned several, below are three questions they should ask themselves with regard to maintenance.

Question #1: What type of maintenance is necessary at various intervals?

If they don’t know the answer to this question, they can certainly read the owner’s manual or contact an authorized and experienced BMW service technician. Within just a few moments, they could learn about the various scheduled maintenance times for their particular BMW.

Question #2: What type of sounds could indicate a potential problem?

Certain sounds may be problematic or can be just nothing more than normal sounds that occur over time. For somebody who has no real experience working on vehicles or diagnosing problems, they should bring it to an authorized BMW service technician anytime they have a question about a particular sound. It may be something minor or a potential sign of serious problems developing.

Question #3: Is it okay to skip certain maintenance jobs?

It may be tempting to delay replacing the spark plugs, changing the oil, or checking the air filters, but that should never happen. It’s not okay to skip regular maintenance jobs because you don’t have time or the money at that particular time.

Maintaining proper maintenance schedules helps to prolong the life of your BMW and ensure that it runs optimally for many, many years.


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