Top 6 Tips for New BMW Owners

6 tips for new bmw ownersThe moment you purchased your brand new BMW, it probably felt incredible. You signed the paperwork, took pictures with your new set of keys standing next to the vehicle and then behind the wheel. Owning a BMW is a special feeling that only a select few get to enjoy. This is especially true when you’re talking about a new BMW.

Taking care of that vehicle and getting the most enjoyment out of it is about doing the right things to take care of it. Below are 6 tips for new BMW owners that can help them enjoy their ride as long as possible.

1. Go easy at first. Your BMW may be an ultimate driving machine, but like any other new car it needs some time to break in. Avoid hard acceleration, incredibly fast speeds, and other abuse while the engine is still relatively new.

2. Check the maintenance schedule. The more you know about general maintenance, the more you can be prepared for an oil change, to check the fluids, or for Inspection I and Inspection II services.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you’re thinking about a bra from the front of your car to protect it from chips and dings that come from pebbles in the road, you might want to think again. These bras can certainly protect against those chips, but they often also protect against fading caused by the sun. When the bra is removed, you’ll have two different tone colors on your car. Don’t sweat the small stuff; there are plenty of ways to keep your BMW looking great through the years.

4. Invest in floor mats. Floor mats are great for keeping your interior carpeting clean and in great shape for as long as possible. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, floor mats are a good idea.

5. Change the oil as recommended. Your particular BMW may require a specific type of oil and to have it changed on a regular basis. Don’t push the kilometers beyond that recommended time. If you’re planning to be away with your BMW when you cross that threshold, have the oil changed before you leave.

6. Find a quality authorized BMW service center. You may get certain services from the dealership, but independent, authorized BMW service centers will also offer more expertise and quality workmanship.

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