A Top BMW Maintenance Tip for Any New Owner

3 Fluids that Can Leak from a BMWWhether or not you have owned BMWs in the past, throughout your life, or you’re brand new as an owner, there are some valuable tips you can take with you that will help you get the most out of the enjoyment these vehicles offer.

Beemers are finally tuned precision automobiles. They are some of the best made vehicles in the world and often they maintain their resale value for many years. Depending on the model and year, you could actually spend a small fortune getting your hands on a classic.

If you’re looking at certified used, purchasing a used BMW from a private seller, or are considering brand new, no matter what type of vehicle you purchase, this one maintenance tip can be incredibly important for you.

Have it serviced and inspected.

Even if you purchased your BMW brand new, it’s a good idea to bring it to an authorized BMW service center like Bimmex to have it properly serviced and expected. It doesn’t matter whether there are 100 km or less on the odometer; an auto service technician who has a great deal of experience working with and on BMWs can determine whether it’s in great condition, help you understand the maintenance schedule, including Inspection I and Inspection II services, what type of oil you’ll need to add to it, how to check the oil and other fluids, and point out things you should pay attention to in the months and years ahead.

Buying certified used or brand new might give you the false sense of security, assuming everything is just fine, but manufacturer defects, tinkering with certain components, or damage resulting from shipment can happen from time to time. You can’t always rely on your dealer service center to give you the honest truth.

If you want the best out of your BMW for years to come, bring it to Bimmex, whether it’s an older model, used vehicle or something brand new.

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