If It’s Tough to See the Road at Night, It Could Be Your Headlights

As the daylight hours begin slipping away, as we approach winter, it means having to rely on your BMWs headlights more and more. You might be getting out at 6 o’clock in the evening from your job and notice the sun is just setting. You slip in behind the wheel, start the engine, feel a little bit of that warmth coming over you from the heating system, turn headlights on, and pull out onto the main road.

Where you work, there may be plenty of streetlights.

Leaving work might not put you into the dark when in the city or the countryside, but by the time you get home, having turned down a couple of different roads, winding through the trees, you begin to realize it has become much more difficult to see.

It might be your eyes, but it also might be your headlights.

If you have other difficulties seeing at night, whether it’s at home, and you’re out going for a walk, taking the garbage out at your house, or anything else, then you certainly do need to make an appointment with an eye care professional. However, if it’s only while you’re driving, especially on those dark, rural roadways, it could be your headlights.

But they’re both working!

You noticed both headlights are working fine. However, it might not be an issue with the headlights per se, but the lens over the lightbulb. If residue build up or a fog begins to develop over the lens of the headlights, this can cause dimmer views down the road.

Bring your BMW in for a quick inspection.

An authorized BMW service center should be able to look at the headlights of your BMW and determine whether there’s a film or fog that is causing these difficulties. They can either clean the headlights with a special formula or direct you to an auto parts store where you can pick up your own solution and take care of the headlights yourself, it can also be a good habit to keep in place moving forward.

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