Transmission Slippage: Why It Could Be the Engine Instead

3 Clear Signs Your BMW’s Transmission May Need ServicingYou’ve been driving your BMW around for a while with some issue that is causing some concern. Maybe it was accelerating uphill. Perhaps it was a certain speed that the issue occurred. Perhaps you brought it back to the dealership to have it diagnosed and they couldn’t find anything wrong. In fact, they couldn’t re-create the problem you’re describing.

After a while, it can get frustrating and maybe the dealership agrees to replace the transmission because that’s what it sounds like: transmission slippage.

You get your car back with a brand-new transmission and before long you notice the same problem is happening again. What could it be?

When you feel as though the transmission is slipping, it might not be that problem at all. It could be a misfire in the engine. This could be due to a bad spark plug, heating coil, or some other issue in the electrical system. Most BMWs today have their firing mechanisms completely controlled by computer technology. This reduces the risk of misfires without warnings being sent to the computer monitoring system that would illuminate the check engine light.

However, it is certainly possible that it could happen. What should you do if you notice a problem with your BMW that the dealership service center can’t solve, even though your car is still covered under warranty?

It’s best to bring it to a highly experienced auto service technician who has many years of direct experience working with BMWs. The best place to bring your BMW in for proper diagnosis and repair is Bimmex.

Just because another service center or dealership service center is telling you they can’t re-create the problem doesn’t mean it’s all in your imagination. The sooner you get the problem properly diagnosed, the sooner you can get it fixed and get your car back and running the way it was designed.

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