The True Cost of Owning a BMW and Why the Right Service Technician Can Save You Money

save-moneyOwning a BMW is a great feeling. Yet one thing is often missed when shopping for a new car (and this goes for any car, not just BMWs). Most people know that the moment they drive their car off the dealer lot it’s already worth thousands less than the purchase price.

What people don’t factor into their new car purchase is the true cost of owning it. True cost is calculated by factoring in depreciation over a period of time, the financing charges, insurance, fuel costs, and maintenance.

For most brand new BMWs, maintenance costs are going to be zero for the first two to three years, depending on how many kilometers you drive yours per year. By year 4, the maintenance costs for a 300-series BMW, according to Edmonds, will be about $2,229. For the fifth year, it will be about $2,800.

Taking care of your BMW from the moment you drive it home, through the tough winter driving season and the thrilling summer season, will help you save more money over time. The more well-maintained that your BMW is, the less repairs you’ll require when it’s no longer covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

The right service technician will also matter. If you decide to have regular maintenance performed by the dealer’s shop, then decide to find a cheaper solution, the technician won’t be familiar with the history of the vehicle and this can make maximizing its performance and life more challenging.

However, if you choose an authorized technician for oil changes, Inspection I and II service, and any other issues that you have, and you stick with the same technician every year you own it, you’ll minimize the costs to maintain your BMW. If you’re looking for an authorized BMW service repair center in the GTA, look no further than Bimmex.

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