Understanding BMW Service Repair Costs

IDRIVE VEH CHECKOne of the challenges in owning a BMW is trying to determine what the long-term service repair costs will be. BMW provides maintenance services for all of their brand new vehicles and some used BMW dealers will offer some level of protection.

Brand new BMWs generally have a 110,000 kilometer warranty, which will cover the Inspection I and II services through that mileage, or up to 3 years. It will also include oil changes at the specified intervals.

Once the warranty is no longer valid, either because it has past the general three year period or the vehicle has exceeded the mileage, then the owner will be responsible for all other service repair costs.

Comparison of BMW Service Repair Costs to Other Automobiles

This is where many potential BMW buyers get concerned. They have heard that the costs for service and repairs on BMWs tend to be significantly higher than for other manufacturers.

It is true that BMW service, on average, will tend to cost more than some of the more basic model vehicles on the roads, such as Ford or GM. There is a good reason for that (and a justifiable one).

BMWs are designed for performance and efficiency. They are built using some of the best parts. While other brands of cars are designed for cost savings or fuel efficiency, BMWs are built for driving and performance is one of the key factors in how they are built. That means that replacement parts for BMWs will tend to cost more than for other cars.

The problem that you will find when you’re trying to determine the long-term costs of owning a BMW is that:

1. You won’t know what services or repairs, aside from general maintenance, will be required with your particular BMW, and

2. Some cars will cost more to repair than others and there are so many makes and models that it’s impossible to truly speculate.

Compared to Ford, GM, Chevy, or other basic line vehicles, the repair and service costs for BMW will generally be higher. However, if you have your car serviced and take advantage of the Inspection I and II services at their appropriate times, your BMW should be a great running vehicle with few issues throughout the life of the car.

To learn more about BMW service repair costs, contact Bimmex.

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