Why Upgrade Your BMW Wheels and Tires?

BMW MaintenanceThe two main reasons to upgrade your tires and wheels are performance and aesthetics. Increasing your wheel side width will increase your BMW’s performance with better traction due to the greater surface area of your wheels.

You can take this too far, though, by using wheels that are too large for your car. This will lower performance as you may have trouble gripping the road and they could rub against the body panels and suspension of your car. Staying within BMW’s recommended sizing will prevent any harmful effects and only improve performance.

Tires are a key aspect when it comes to your car’s performance and your comfort. After finding the perfect wheels you’ll want to put high performance tires on them. A good wheel with a bad tire is a waste of money.
Many drivers prefer the look of larger wheels for their vehicle. Like any upgrade or modification, like lowering the chassis, tint, or aftermarket body parts, adding a new set of BMW wheels to your car will help set it apart from the rest.

The easiest way to browse the widest selection of BMW wheels and tires is online. You can see every type and style available before deciding what is best for your car. You can buy them online or set up an appointment with us and we will order them for you. If you have questions please call us before ordering any parts. We will help you make sure you’re ordering the right size for your vehicle.

To complement your BMW wheels, many providers offer customized or OEM center caps, wheel locks, and wheel strips to protect your wheels as well as give them an even more customized look. Once you get your new wheels you will need to have them installed. Unless you have a mechanic friend with a garage, you want to have a professional perform this task. Bimmex will have your wheels on and you on the road with one short visit. We have 2 convenient locations in the Toronto area: Markham and Woodbridge.

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