Useful BMW/Mini Tips 1

  1. Engine cooling system. Many components are now made from plastic which degrade with time. We recommend replacing all components, hoses, radiator, water pump, and thermostat at the 5-6 year mark.
  2. Belts, replace every 2-3 years.
  3. Tires, replace when worn to 2/32 inch at the most worn point on the tread, flats and blow-outs are bad news.
  4. Battery, replace every three years whether it indicates a problem or not;why wait until the starter just “clicks” and ruins your day or weekend.*see below for storage instructions on batteries!
  5. Still receiving BMW’s Free Maintenance? BMW’s free maintenance program is a wonderful benefit of owning a newer BMW. However, do you really want to drive 25,000 Km between oil changes? BIMMEX highly recommends changing the oil every 12500Km or half the mileage shown in your Central Display.  BMW themselves print in the “Service Book”(attached in your Owner Manual” folder) that additional oil & filter changes are recommended.

Following pictures will prove that 25000Km is far too long for even BMW’s long life oil:

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