The Value of Good Shocks for Your Vehicle

Maybe you’ve seen this type of vehicle before. You were cruising down the road and you saw an older sedan. It seemed to be bouncing. Perhaps you thought it was just a bunch of young men driving around in one of those ‘souped-up’ vehicles with suspension systems that deliberately lift the vehicle, thus bouncing while driving. In reality, you noticed it was a middle aged or elderly person who didn’t seem all that concerned.

It might have been an odd sight, but it’s also a dangerous thing.

The vehicle was bouncing up and down for a reason. The suspension was completely worn out. The driver most likely has no idea that there is a problem. They just believe the vehicle is bouncing because of the road.

When the suspension becomes worn out, it no longer offers any resistance against dips, bumps, potholes, or anything else in the road surface. Usually when suspension is working properly, when the shocks and struts are in good condition, they will absorb the bulk of those wave patterns, protecting the vehicle and the driver.

When they are completely worn out, the car or truck will end up bouncing with every dip, turn, or bend in the road. This causes a loss of control. Keep in mind that every time the vehicle lifts up, less pressure is placed on the tires, and that can mean less traction.

If you started to notice a bit more bumping, swaying, or less control in your BMW or other vehicle, it could very well be the suspension system. If you have about 60,000 km or more on the odometer right now, bring your vehicle in to have it inspected. It might only be the shocks that need to be replaced, which is not a major expense. It might require struts and shocks to be replaced. There could also be damaged to the spring coils which could become a serious issue left unaddressed.

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