Wheel Alignment is Crucial for Your BMW

tire-tread700Keeping the wheels aligned on your BMW is critical for a number of reasons. When you bring your BMW in to an authorize service center, you may be asked whether you want to have the alignment checked and you may feel that it’s just another way for the service center to make money.

Yet alignment of your car can have far-reaching effects.

Keeps your car in line.

When you’re traveling down the highway at over 110 km/hr, it’s a pretty good speed. Even though it might not feel like it thanks to your incredible driving machine, even the slightest issue has the potential to cause you to lose control and that can lead to a crash.

Proper alignment helps you focus on things other than making sure you’re not drifting from one lane to another. When your car is out of alignment, you could end up losing control if you have to make a sudden move.

Helps maintain proper traction.

If the wheels are not aligned properly on your BMW, then the tires will not be meeting the road properly. They may be leaning in toward the inside portion of the tires. They might be rolling more on the outside.

Any change in the designed aspect of a tire means that you won’t have the same traction that you should. This can cause control issues in the event of a sudden turn, rain, or even snow.

Prevents premature wear of the tires.

When your car is not properly aligned, you’re going to be wearing down the tires more quickly than you should. If your current tires are supposed to last you 60,000 kilometers, or even 100,000 kilometers, the worse the alignment is, the less life you’ll get. You may be lucky to get half the recommended distance out of your tires, all just because the wheels were not aligned properly.

If you notice that your BMW drifts a bit when going in a straight line or the alignment ‘feels’ off for any reason, contact your authorized BMW service center to have it checked. It’s worth the investment.

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