Will Snow Tires Actually Make a Difference for Your BMW? The Shocking Truth Right Here!

bmw winter tiresThere are numerous people in Toronto and throughout Canada who have bought into some misconceptions about tires for automobiles. The most significant misconceptions, and potentially dangerous ones, have to do with snow tires.

If you’re looking for new winter tires for your BMW, especially snow tires because of the weather we have here in Toronto, you might be bypassing some more important features, simply because you assume the extra expense isn’t really necessary.

How snow tires differ from regular tires.

When you look at snow tires you will likely see an interesting tread pattern in most of them. Most durable, high-quality snow tires will have a thicker tread line and more defined angles within the tread marks themselves. This is intended to help gain traction on slick conditions.

Regular tires often have thinner tread lines that allow rainwater to move through them. The cheaper the tires, the more quickly they will wear out and they won’t be as effective at gaining traction in tricky conditions.

Are snow tires more effective than regular all season tires?

As we just noted, there is a significant difference in the tread lines of snow tires as opposed to regular summer tires or even all season tires. That allows the snow tires to bite into the snow, slush, and other slick conditions that are common throughout Toronto during the winter months.

Investing in a pair of high-quality snow tires for your BMW should be a top priority. If you’re worried about the extra expense and having those snow tires wear out too quickly, especially when you’re driving in the spring and summer months, make sure to have them replaced by regular or all season tires once the snows have finally subsided and stopped completely.

Many BMW owners keep an extra set of tires already mounted on rims for both types of driving seasons. This isn’t necessary, but when you’re going through a long season in which the snow doesn’t really fall much, it could be practical to have the regular season tires put on until the snow is expected to fall. In either case, snow tires really do make a significant difference in traction and stopping power.

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