Wiper Blade Maintenance

wipersWho thinks about wiper blades? Everyone who owns a car should but all to often drivers let their blades go until they become close to ineffective. You need to be as careful about maintaining your wipers as you are with our engine and other parts of your car.

Since your blade deteriorate slowly they can get pretty bad before you even start to notice. This is dangerous. Most of your decisions behind the wheel are based on a clear view of the road and cars around you. Your wipers need to completely clear your windshield of obstruction; once they start leaving streaks you should consider replacing them.

It’s not just use that affects your wiper blades. Sun, dirt, road debris, and air pollution all damage and weaken the blades over time. Sun and pollution cause damage even when you’re not driving or using the blades. Weather also affects their condition. Cold temperature can harden the rubber and make it brittle. When they get too brittle they will crack and tear. Hot weather can warp the rubber, which will cause the rubber to lose contact with areas of your windshield, making the wipers much less effective.

Using them frequently will wear them out as well. Even on a perfectly clean windshield the rubber will eventually wear but as we drive we pick all sorts of debris, which is abrasive and will wear away the cutting edge of the blade. To have the optimal squeegee affect the wiper needs the cutting edge needs to be sharp and in complete contact.

Even if you never use your wipers they will wear out simply because rubber deteriorates over time. With wiper blades, the rubber will eventually lose its flexibility and not wipe cleanly. They may also develop a permanent set or curvature, which prevents full contact with your windshield.

Ultimately it is best to change your wiper blades every six to twelve months to insure you’re seeing as clearly as possible. They are relatively inexpensive and you can change them yourself in under ten minutes. We here at Bimmex will always let you know if you need a wiper blade replacement as we do maintenance on your car and we’ll change them for you.

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