Yes, a Loose Fuel Cap Can Lead to a Service Engine Light Coming On in Your BMW

loose gas cap can cause engine lightYou pull up to the gas station in your BMW, get out of your car, run your credit card through the machine at the gas pump and fill up your tank. This is something you have probably done hundreds of times, even more likely thousands of times since you started driving a car.

Maybe you go over to the shop and pick up a snack or the newspaper on your way home from work. You get back in your car, reset the odometer to zero, and pull away from the chaos of other cars trying to pile in and get gas at this time of the day. You turn right and head down the road, relieved that you are done with that chore.

You get home, park in the garage, and don’t think about it.

A couple of days later you notice that the service engine light has come on in your BMW. It is odd because everything seems to be running fine right now. You figure it is just a malfunction or a minor issue that you can get resolved right away. You put it off, knowing that your car is fine, and continue driving with that later on.

Finally you begin to notice some subtle changes in the way your car is performing. It might be a hesitation here or a rough idle at a stoplight there. Now you know that something is wrong and you are annoyed. This is one of the best made cars in the world. You shouldn’t have to deal with these issues already.

You bring your car in to an authorized BMW repair shop and they come out and punch in their computer to check what is going on. It turns out that you didn’t tighten the fuel cap properly after your last fill up and that has led to not only the check engine light going on, but also performance issues.

It is not only important to make sure that you turn your car off whenever you are filling up, but also that you make sure that the fuel cap is tight. Within the fuel tank, pressure builds. This pressure helps to keep out air of the fuel. This helps in performance and other vital aspects of your engine. It may seem like an obscure thing, but a fuel cap that is not tightened properly can certainly lead to the service engine light coming up and, if ignored, it can lead to more serious problems later on.

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