What to Do if You’re BMW is Overheating in Toronto

hot-coldAny time your BMW shows signs of overheating, it is a very serious issue. In every single BMW that has been made in the last 50 years, you will notice a temperature gauge on the dash. This temperature gauge has a C and an H indicating cold and hot.

For the most part, when you start your BMW, especially on colder mornings or during the winter, it is going to remain below the C for a while until the car warms up. Ideally, the needle should settle in between that C and H. That will indicate that the car is running efficiently and at an optimal temperature.

If the gauge needle doesn’t increase over the C line, then there could very well be a problem with the temperature gauge. If you don’t get this fixed as soon as you notice the problem, it could cause your BMW to overheat. When the needle begins to edge toward the H line consistently, and even goes to the H line, then your car is actually beginning to overheat.

Your BMW may be overheating without giving you any outward indication that it is doing so. If it overheats, that means the engine will begin to run much hotter than it is designed to. This can cause components within the engine to begin to fail. When you are driving along the highway and see a car broken down on the side of the road, it is most commonly the result of one of three things: either a flat tire, they ran out of gas, or the vehicle overheated.

An overheated engine can seize up and cause significant amounts of damage. This can cost you a tremendous amount of money to have it repaired or have the engine completely replaced at a qualified and authorized BMW service center in Toronto.

If you notice that your BMW might be overheating, pull over as soon as you can do so safely. Do not, and we repeat do not attempt to check the fluid level while the engine is hot. If you try to remove the cap on the radiator, you can be severely injured by steam burns or even the pressure being released when you remove that cap.

Any time you have concerns about overheating in your BMW, it is best to call an authorized BMW service center immediately. It may be worth the cost to have it towed rather than to attempt to drive it to the service center.

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