If You’re Going Through Headlights Too Quick, What Kind Are You Using?

It seems as though headlights on some vehicles can last for years. Others only a few months. For example, owners of the Volkswagen Beetle have often complained about how quickly their headlights burnout. Some BMW owners also get concerned because it seems as though they constantly have to bring their vehicle into an authorized service center simply to have a new headlight put in every year or, in some cases, more frequently than that.

There could be a number of reasons for this.

One of the most common issues is the use of low-quality bulbs. There are plenty of places where a person can purchase headlight bulbs for their vehicles. Some of these, at a bargain basement price, and yet when they blow out within a few months or a year, at best, people are concerned and get frustrated.

Another reason is excessive driving at night. Some people work during the overnight shift or have a tendency to drive more miles when the sun is down or before it rises in the morning. As with any type of lightbulb, like the ones you have in your house, the more use it gets, the quicker it is going to burnout.

Finally, it could also involve a short or leak. If there is an electrical short, this could be causing an overload to the lightbulb itself, which could lead to burning out much more quickly than it should. If there is any type of leak around the housing of the headlight, water could be seeping in and creating corrosion, which will decrease the lifespan of the headlight bulb itself.

The best thing is to invest wisely.

Make a good, solid, worthwhile investment in headlight bulbs for your BMW. Don’t try to go cheap because this is one of the most important ways you will stay safe while driving at night. If you have concerns about why headlights may be burning out too quickly in your BMW, stop into an authorized BMW service center and speak to a qualified, experienced technician. He or she may very well be able to quickly determine what might be the cause of this issue.

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