When You’ve Had a Fender Bender in Your BMW, Here’s What You Should Do First

When You’ve Had a Fender Bender in Your BMW, Here’s What You Should Do FirstNo one wants to even think about getting into an accident in their brand new BMW. However, once you drive that car off the dealership lot, you are going to be exposed to various risk factors.

Below are things that you should do immediately if you’ve been involved in a small fender bender with your BMW.

1. Make sure everyone involved in the mishap or accident is okay.

The knee-jerk reaction is to get angry, get out of the car, and start yelling at the other driver. Even if it is your fault, you may want to try and deflect blame. The most important thing is to ensure that everybody is okay and nobody has been injured.

2. Don’t ignore minor mishaps.

Even though you’re looking at your vehicle and not seeing any visual damage, and you’re likely quite relieved, that doesn’t mean you should just ignore the problem. Share information and report the incident to your insurance company.

The last thing you want is to have the other driver contact local authorities and their own insurance company and then come after you claiming that you left the scene of the accident or caused more damage than what actually occurred.

3. Take pictures of everything.

Take a picture of the other car, the fender, close-ups, license plate information, and everything else.

If the other driver is trying to keep you from taking pictures of their vehicle, just tell them it is for your own protection. If they become belligerent, contact the authorities immediately.

4. Bring your vehicle to an authorized BMW service center as soon as possible.

Nothing beats having your car checked out thoroughly by an experienced and trained professional. There may be damage to the underside of the vehicle you can’t see from above. If there is no damage, doing this can bring you comfort and peace of mind, which can have a tremendous impact for you over the long run.

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