BMW Inspection I & II Checklist

IDRIVE VEH CHECKOne of the most common questions Bimmex deals with is what type of maintenance needs to be done to keep a BMW running as good as new. We put together this handy checklist of BMW dealership servicing guidelines for your vehicle. Whether you’re doing maintenance yourself or taking your car to a mechanic, this list will give you the knowledge you need to get the right service for your BMW.

You need Inspection I Service every 30,000 kilometers for vehicles older than 1999 and every 50,000 kilometers for models newer than that. Oil changes should be completed more regularly; approximately every 15,000 kilometers before 1999 and 25,000 kilometers for models after. It is important to keep your engine clean and well lubricated.

– It’s best to change the oil when the engine is at normal operation temperature.
– Check your transmission for leaks.
– Check the rear axle for leaks.
– Check the exhaust system – condition, position, & mounting.
– Check fuel lines, tank, and connections.
– Check powering steering.
– Check the thickness of rear and front brake pads and check the disc surface.
– Clean the brake pad contact points.
– Grease the wheel center hubs.
– Check the steering.
– Check the front control arm bushings.
– Check the brake & clutch system connectors.
– Adjust parking brake, if necessary.
– Check tire pressure – including your spare tire.
– Check tire condition – replace if worn.

Once this is done, you should road test your BMW to check the brakes, suspension, steering, and transmission. There is more to the Inspection I process, but without diagnostic equipment and the right tools it is not possible to complete. If you’re a BMW owner in the Markham or Woodbridge area, call Bimmex to schedule your Inspection I or any other service today. We’ll take care of your BMW like it is our own.

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