If Your BMW Making a Noise While Driving, What Could It Be?

There’s been an odd noise your BMW has started making recently. It doesn’t happen when you start it up, back out of the driveway or parking lot, and begin moving down the road. You begin noticing it as your vehicle starts to pick up speed. By the time you reach 40 km an hour, for example, you begin to hear it. It’s an odd noise, more like a grinding or groaning.

Perhaps you tried to dismiss it first. After all, most of us are incredibly busy these days and have little time to bring our vehicle to a BMW service center for little noises. However, that noise could be a serious safety issue.

It could be the wheel bearings.

If the noise continues to build, get louder in other words, as you speed up, and if it has a tendency to grow even more as you begin turning, it could very well be the wheel bearings. Your BMW could have only 20,000 km or 50,000 km on it and you may assume there’s no possible way it could be the wheel bearings or something similar. The amount kilometers on a vehicle makes no difference, though most of the time wheel bearings should last quite a bit longer than that.

If the grease was not packed properly, if there is some damage or a manufacturer’s defect, those bearings could become an issue.

What happens if you keep driving with those bad wheel bearings?

At some point in time the bearings are going to seize up. That means they will no longer turn. If that happens at 110 km/h, for example, while cruising down the highway, that wheel is going to completely lock up. Imagine trying to maintain control when that happens.

When you begin noticing a noise like this, it is absolutely crucial you bring it into an authorized BMW service center like Bimmex immediately. While the bearings could hold out for another few weeks, they could also seize tomorrow. It’s best not to take chances.

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